The Workshop
A pair of Kyocera KC125G 125 watt panels, wired in series, facing south and angled to 60 degrees.
from left to right...
A pair of sealed lead acid 80 amp hour batteries
AC Breaker box
1100 watt 24 volt inverter
DC breaker box
Outback MX-60 charge controller
Lightning arrestors on MX-60 and AC breaker box
During the day, the MX-60 is registering 205 watts. I've seen it as high as 225 watts.
At the end of a short -- but sunny -- winter day, the MX-60 shows 0.5 KW hours for the day.
This is a quick and inexpensive system. It was put on a garage that's about ready to fall over. Nothing fancy here.
The Garage
A pair of Kyocera KC50T 50 Watt panels facing south.
This setup is wrong on so many levels, don't try this at home. For starters, the 12 volt inverter has no neutral, both lines are hot it's good for powering lights, saws and the leaf blower. It could be dangerous with some electronic devices.

It consists of a ProStar-15 Charge controller
12 volt deep-cycle marine battery
1000 watt automotive inverter
During the day, the ProStar-15 is registering 3.2 solar amps -- using a multimeter the solar voltage is at 13.9 volts. So this setup is pulling in about 45 watts in direct sunlight.