Saturn EV Conversion
      • Demolition - Pulling the parts off of the donor car.
      • New parts - The new and unique parts required for this project.
      • Battery system - The original sealed lead acid battery system.
      • Getting the lead out! - In 2011 the lead batteries were replaced with lithium batteries.
      • Motor - The motor, controller and adaptor plate.
      • Vacuum pump - Needed for the power brakes.
      • Heater - Installing an electric heater core.
      • A Public Showing - The first public showing, Earth Day 2010.
      • Azure Dynamics & Solectria Achives

Pack Designer
Design a Battery Pack
Using the online Battery List & Pack Calculator.

Top-Balancing the Lithium Pack (12 min.) - Using an old MIG welder to top-balance the lithium battery pack.

Crusin' on Kilowatts (2 min.) - My electric Saturn featured on the local ABC news affiliate in central Pennsylvania.

Overview (10 min.) - A quick overview covering the highlights of the Saturn EV conversion from beginning to end.

Spinning the Wheels (5 min.) - Demonstration of the electric motor spinning the wheels and regenerative braking.

What is the 21st Century Automotive Challenge (7 min.)
        • 21st Century Automotive Challenge - Day 1 (10 min.)
        • 21st Century Automotive Challenge - Day 2 (5 min.)
        • 21st Century Automotive Challenge- Day 3 (8 min.)

This is one of several videos that I did for my day job, voice-over is not me. (5 min.)